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The Size 11 and 12 Dilemma

As a shoetista wearing the larger sizes, you may find yourself asking "why is it so hard to find trendy shoes within the main stream market in sizes 11 and 12?" It can be very frustrating when you're not able to shop at bigger brands for the shoe styles you love. I totally understand this frustration which is how the One Eleven brand was born. Most brands only carry up to a size 10 and some may carry a few size 11's but that leaves out a lot of women who have a sizes that are bigger than a 10. When you do finally find your size you might run into the problem of the shoe being made for a size 11 but as has a narrow width. I've created this world for my shoetistas so you never have to ask yourself that question or experience the fit frustrations. Here you can find the sizes you need with the widths you need for the best fit.

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