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February Finds!

The Month of February is all about spreading the love for Valentine's Day and spreading awareness for Black History Month! During Black History Month, we celebrate all of the contributions and achievements of the African American community. If the "American Dream" were a person Madam CJ Walker would be that! She was America's first black self-made millionaire during the 1920's. She created a hair care company and through hard work, perseverance and belief in ones self she was able to create a hair care empire. She created something successful during a time when blacks especially black women were at a sever disadvantage. That's what makes her the epidemy of the "American Dream" because no matter what she never gave up and persevered until she was successful. She is someone who has inspired my journey in creating One Eleven Shoes. She inspired me to create a product that solves a problem. I created amazing shoes for my ladies with wide widths sizes 6-12 . With Valentine's Day approaching its the perfect time to add some new styles to your wish list! I mean new shoes are always a good idea right?! The Krystal Sandal in pink and red drop Valentine's Day!