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The best is yet to come...Spring 2021

What does spring 2021 look like for shoes? Spring has all sorts of new shoe trends such as elevated strappy sandals and house slippers. We can also look forward to seeing some clog styles, bold flatforms, the baby heel, not so basic flip flops and shoes with chain details. Lets dive into these trends, the elevated strappy sandal was featured in a few designers collections and will be a must have this spring and summer. This past year we've seen shoes that would be considered house slippers start to be worn as fashion outside of the house, we can expect to see that trend continue this season as house slippers were featured in designer collections such as Balenciaga. Flatforms are also something we have seen in past years but always makes a come back, these are perfect for if you want the height of a heel but the comfort of a regular shoe. We are also seeing the baby heel make its way back this spring and we love a good baby heel. Overall I'm loving what I'm seeing for 2021 spring and also comfort it something that is showcased with these new trends.

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