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New Year New Me?

Hey Shoetistas! I know most of us are happy that 2020 is behind us but what is 2021 going to bring? is the real question. We never know what each year has in store for us but one thing we can control is our personal goals. Whether it's weight goals, financial goals, business goals, fashion goals or any other goals you may have its all in your hands to make it happen. We always hear new year new me but sometimes a complete 180 change can be overwhelming so you head back into your comfort zone. Not this year! I suggest that you start with a simple goal like elevating your personal style. Elevating your personal style is a fun and easy way to start completing goals. You might say to yourself "I want to start wearing different styles of shoes!" this goal seems easy so you jump on the web and you find a store like One Eleven Shoes to check out some styles. You like what you see, next thing you know your purchase is at your door step. You have your outfit in mind already, now you have a fabulous pair of shoes to mix up your style. You start doing this for a month so it becomes a habit to mix it up and BOOM! you've completed your first goal of 2021. Easy right? You can apply the same methods to all of your goals, it's just a matter of taking immediate action and adding consistency. By the end of 2021 you will be the person you saw yourself becoming!

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