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Quarantine Queens!

We all have had our lives turned upside down because of this pandemic. We are not able to have contact with loved ones, we don't go into the office to work anymore, school is online and we cant go out to bars or clubs anymore. We are spending so much more time at home which does have its benefits like being able to have more quality family time. Now that we have been at home more our wardrobes have changed to more comfortable styles but you don't have to sacrifice your style when it comes to comfort, you can have BOTH! You can elevate your simple sweat pants or leggings look by adding a cute furry slide with some accessories. One Eleven Shoes has a super cute and comfy MJ slide that will elevate any comfy attire. Just add a cute pair of socks and an anklet and you are ready to slay the day in the house of course! #shoetista #OneElevenShoes

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