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I see pumpkin flavors, temperatures dropping and leaves changing which must means we have entered into another Fall season. I personally love fall time because we finally get relief from the summer heat and its just before the frost of winter sets in. You can finally start layering your clothes, grab your boots, light some fall scented candles and accessorize with fall essentials. So what are some must haves you need this fall? The first thing you will want to grab is of course a super cute pair of boots. Now I know we all have those boots we whip out every year but its time you treat yourself with a new pair of good quality boots. Don't just get the basic wide width boots go ahead and get you a sexy thigh high boot for those crispy fall night time outings or give your day time outfit a dramatic flare. Another fall essential is of course a scarf; nude tones to be specific. Shades of brown scarves will keep you looking chic and trendy paired with our next Fall essential a trench coat. A fashion trench coat is a great layering piece oven any sleek jump suit, trousers with blouse combo or simply jeans with long sleeve tee. You can also use this coat to add those shades of brown into your fall wardrobe. The fourth fall essential is dark jeans. You must have a pair of dark denim this fall because the color really adds a richness to your fall looks and complements the fall color scheme. We have gone through four fall essentials to create a look, so far we have super cute dark denim jeans, thigh high boots, our nude tone scarf wrapped around our necks and the stylish trench coat. All we are missing is the fifth fall essential, long sleeve body suits or long sleeve shirt. This basic essential goes with everything a great for layering since they are not that thick you won't have to worry about over heating under all your layers.

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